1. Scope
These general terms and conditions govern the contractual relationship between clients (e.g. tour operators, event operators, organizers of association and/or club trips, individuals, etc.) and CITYTOURS LUCERNE as the provider of commissioned services such as guided tours, tour management, etc. On request, CITYTOURS LUCERNE also provides services from third parties (e.g. Tickets for public and private transport, museums, exhibitions, musical, theatrical or opera performances, hotel bookings, event venues, etc.). In such cases, CITYTOURS LUCERNE is not the direct contracting party and the contractual terms and travelling conditions of the respective company/organizer apply.

2. Conclusion of the contract
A contract results from an oral, written or electronic booking (e-mail) by the client and is confirmed through a written order confirmation. The general terms and conditions are an integral part of the order confirmation, i.e. the conclusion of the contract. The order confirmation contains information about
- The place, date and duration of the guided tour or the tour management assignment
- The contact details of the tour guide/manager
- The negotiated services
- The agreed price (fee) and possible additional expenditures
- Any services from third parties
- The general terms and conditions

CITYTOURS LUCERNE will wait at the agreed meeting point for 30 minutes. If the client or the end customer is late, there will be no entitlement to an extension of the duration of the tour/event or to any reduction of the price.

3. Prices and payment methods
The prices are as indicated in the order confirmation. These are listed in Swiss Francs or, in exceptional cases, in Euro. Generally, guided tours and tour management assignments are to be paid in cash on the day of the ordered service. In exceptional cases, the service fee can be invoiced. The invoiced amount shall be paid within 15 days from the date of invoice without deduction. If the invoiced amount is not paid by the due date, 5% interest for late payment becomes due. Bookings made by clients from abroad must be paid 4 weeks before the date of the service. If a booking is made from abroad less than 4 weeks before the date of the service, the payment is due immediately. Bank transfers from abroad shall be made in Swiss Francs. The bank transfer fees must be paid by the client. Other planned expenses, or rather additional costs, such as train journeys, taxi fares, or additional catering costs are not included in the fee. The respective additional costs listed in the order confirmation are to be paid by the client. Unforeseeable expenses that are mandatory in order to carry out the ordered service are to be paid by the client in all cases.

In the event of late or pending payment by the client, CITYTOURS LUCERNE has the right to refuse the execution of the ordered services and to withdraw from the contract.

4. Cancellation policy
In the event of cancellation by the client, CITYTOURS LUCERNE must be notified in writing.
In the event of cancellation, the following amounts shall be reimbursed:
- up to 30 days before the date of the service: 100% with a deduction of a CHF 20 processing fee
- less than 30 days before the date of the service: CHF 50% with a deduction of a CHF 20 processing fee
- less than 3 days before the time of the service/no-show: no reimbursement
The decisive factor for the calculation is the date the written notification of the cancellation arrives at CITYTOURS LUCERNE. Bad weather is no basis for reimbursement claims. Depending on availability, a change of the booking is possible. 

5. Hindrance or cancellation on the part of CITYTOURS LUCERNE
If CITYTOURS LUCERNE is not able to carry out the services personally, an equivalently qualified freelance tour guide/manager shall be provided.

Should circumstances beyond our control or influence, such as force majeure, natural catastrophes, civil unrest, strikes, state intervention, epidemics, etc. hinder or impede the safe carrying out of the guided tour or tour management assignment, CITYTOURS LUCERNE shall provide information about the cancellation as swiftly as possible. All sums already paid shall be refunded in full. The client will have no further claims. For any services from third parties, the contractual terms and travelling conditions of the respective company/organizer apply.

6. Liability
Insurance is the responsibility of the participants. CITYTOURS LUCERNE assumes no responsibility for accidents that may occur during the guided tour or tour management assignment. In the event that the client is not satisfied with the services of CITYTOURS LUCERNE, he/she must inform CITYTOURS LUCERNE immediately, otherwise no claims can be asserted.

7. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction
This contract is governed by Swiss law. The place of jurisdiction is Buochs/NW.